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Our qualified staff of estate sellers and appraisers can consolidate or liquidate an entire household, or find buyers for that "one of a kind and unique" item. Let us determine the best way to conduct your sale. We utilize various marketing methods to sell your items such as Estate Sales, Estate Auctions, consignments sales, and direct dealer/collector sales.


Liquidate Entire Household
Estate Sale Experts

We maintain a large mailing list of loyal customers, dealers and collectors, as well as using specialized advertising to attract large numbers of interested buyers to your sale.

We sell everything from typical household items such as furniture, kitchenware, glass and pottery, clothes, books and decorator items, to valuable heirlooms and antiques. We liquidate business assets and inventory.

The Estate Sale Process


Selecting an Estate Sale Firm

An estate sale is the most effective and profitable method of selling large amounts of personal property in a short period of time. Selection of a firm to conduct your sale is an important step in the process. Here are some considerations to help choose your estate sale firm.

Period of Sale

We conduct your estate sale usually over a three-day period in order to sell the maximum items.

Preparation for Sale

Preparation for a sale is a large part of its success. We remove all items from drawers, closets, and containers to determine what is where and what needs to be cleaned or is otherwise in need of attention. We attempt to sell everything and advise clients to throw nothing away. We arrange your china and best smaller items on tables, arranging rooms for effective display of furniture, clothes, linens, and household goods.


We advertise on,, nationally and in your local newspaper. We email to our client base to over 3000 emails. We also have a following of customers who attend our sales (we notify frequent customers of each scheduled sale by e-mail).

Sales Record

We provide you with record of items sold; items over $50.00 are listed individually, lesser ones totaled by description (books, clothing, kitchenware, etc.)

Disposition of Items not Sold

We handle the responsibility of donating your unsold items or consigning higher end items to one of our store front locations. Being a licensed appraiser, we will give you the proper paperwork for any tax-deductible charitable contribution we make for you. Unsold items may be retained by the client or donated.

Post-Sale Clean-up

We leave the premises "broom clean," meaning that we sweep or vacuum.  With prior agreement, we can help you clean out the entire house for a nominal fee.  Many estate sale firms do not include clean-up and disposal service.

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